About Us

A residence like no other

Ernescliff College is a student residence for men located on the University of Toronto’s downtown campus. Through its formational activities, Ernescliff College offers its residents numerous opportunities to excel academically and develop personally during their university years.

Ernescliff College was inaugurated in 1994. Since then, it has assisted the formation of a large number of high school and university students, as well as other young men, who frequent its activities.

Ernescliff combines a family spirit with an atmosphere of serious study. It is a place where young men can aspire to become virtuous leaders, prepare themselves to serve others and shape society through their profession. Most importantly, its family atmosphere has helped turn Ernescliff into a place that these young men can call home.

Ernescliff College is operated by Ernescliff Foundation, a charitable organization (Federal Charity number: 11897 0979 RR 0001)

Christian Formation

Residents of Ernescliff can participate in various activities of Christian formation during their stay. While being entirely free to attend spiritual activities, many residents find them a most valuable feature of their Ernescliff experience, and make time to cultivate their spiritual life.

Ernescliff has a chaplain who is available for confession and spiritual direction. Daily mass is offered to those who wish, and every week, there is a moment of guided prayer, led by the chaplain in the chapel. Residents can invite their friends.

Activities of Christian formation at Ernescliff College are entrusted to Opus Dei, an institution in the Catholic Church that helps people find God in their everyday life.

An evening with Toronto Archbishop, Frank Leo