Scholars Program

Young men become residents of Ernescliff College by joining our Scholars Program.

Going to university is a time for exploration, growth and preparation for one’s future career and adult llife. That’s why Ernescliff College is dedicated to supplementing its residents’ formal studies to help them on their journey of growth and maturity. This is the reason behind the Scholars Program. The Scholars Program program is designed to help participants grow academically and personally.

Ernescliff College and its Scholars Program are open to people of all religious backgrounds.

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While residing at Ernescliff, residents commit to participating in various formational activities throughout the academic year.

These include:

  • Social times (get-togethers) each evening, which allow them to make deep friendships and deepen their culture;
  • Guest Lectures, that present a variety of intellectually stimulating topics;
  • Special academic seminars;
  • One-on-one mentoring to set personal objectives. There is also an opportunity for professional mentoring, which pairs each Scholar with a professional in his field;
  • Volunteering opportunities.